Rob Wilson after completing his 200th marathon     Rob and bodyguard

Rob has now completed his 200th marathon at Kingston (13 Oct 2002) as promised, and here's the evidence.

Rob and wife Gloria

Somebody's dogs getting in on the celebrations     There must have been some spare t-shirts.
Rob Wilson     Previous club Chairman and President (2000/2001) Rob Wilson, Aka "The Old Git". Rob has asked us to point out that he is 68 years old and has done 199 marathons now, and any previous suggestion that he was 199 with 68 marathons done is merely a wicked rumour. (Sep 2002)

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And now...Rob's own story, in his own words...

The Long Road to 200 Marathons and a Forty Ruby

It seems a long time ago from my first marathon, "London", as the norm, 9 May 1982. Not bad timings - 1st 1982, 50th Rotterdam 1987, 100th Athens 1992 (as the norm once again), 150th Amsterdam 1997, and just 3 away from the 200th, Battersea Park September 2002. It's what you call "all the fives and tens", and the fifties in Holland. I have run 18 Londons, 10 Bungays (Suffolk), 5 Snowdonias, and 7 in Battersea Park (including my 200th).

Other than those exotics, here are a few more interesting ones and twos. 5 in various parts of Spain, 5 in Greece, 3 in Hawaii, the pick of the best. Marrakech to Iceland, down slightly. Tromso in Denmark, down more, Helsinki. A few in America, a couple in Holland, across to a few in Belgium, a flit to Malta. Don't mention my marathon in Dubai alongside the Sea of Galilee, Israel.

A few could be missed out, but a fair trek around the world in 20 years odd. To celebrate the coming of this vision for over 10 years, it will start off at Battersea Park, 15 September 2002 8:30am, where aperitifs and snacks will be served. After presentations of the marathon it will be back to Croydon Gas Sports Ground, Mollison Drive, Wallington for showers, changing, eats and drinks and dancing. More presentations in a rare day, Rob Wilson's 200th Marathon and Rob and Gloria Wilson's Ruby Wedding Anniversary - 40 years of marriage for those who didn't know.

I have been planning this now for a few years, and in this time, Collingwood AC have had tragic luck with a few of their running members. Three years ago John Ivers suffered a terrible car accident, hitting a brick wall. He was in intensive care for a month and only out of a wheelchair after two years. Charlie Baker had a jet ski accident coming up the bank to hit a metal refuse bin, losing a kidney, part of his liver, spleen and hip fractures. Just recently Robin Ling caught a virus after a minor operation. The virus paralysed his body. His bodily functions ceased to work. In a wheelchair for life was the doctors' verdict. He fought back, and is now running again.

The moral of these stories, all three on their intensive care beds, made a vow to run my 200th Marathon, and if it's only one lap of the 26, they have survived to keep their promise. Let's hope it's a great day and evening and I wonder what odds could be given by Hills, a 69 year old running 200 marathons, and being married 40 years all on the same day.

Robbie Red Hat and Gloria

The venue for my 200th marathon has now been confirmed as Kingston, which is on 13th October 2002.